September 18 2017

A college league baseball team is holding a giveaway that fans will die for

In a summer full of bobbleheads, theme nights, and T-shirt giveaways, it’s always nice when a baseball team gets a little creative with their freebies and promotional nights. The latest creativity comes from a college league team based in Wisconsin, and they really went for it.

The Eau Claire Express, a member of the Northwoods summer league, did exactly that and ended up with a “Preplanned Funeral Giveaway Night.”

Now, sometimes giveaways are written into sponsorship plans and as such are mandatory sometime during the season. But it’s also up to the team to figure out the best type of giveaway from each specific company, and they really killed it with this one.

Who wants a bobblehead or branded mini-bat from a funeral home anyway? They might as well be giving away the product that they know best.

What really makes it is the complete lack of somberness in the marketing for the giveaway, complete with the promise of fireworks after the game.

“The last prize you’ll ever use” is exactly the kind of humor I want my funeral home and local baseball club to come up with. They could have used so many other options on top of that one too.

“It might be 90 feet from home to first, but this giveaway will put you six feet under!”

“All the excitement of a baseball game plus all the depression that comes with thinking about death.”

“Baseball is trying to get younger, so use this prize soon please!”

Maybe not that last one, but baseball is trying to get the average age of fans down, after all. Subliminal marketing?

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