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Our company is based on respect and teamwork, which makes us a friendly environment. We take pride in what we produce and the quality of our products is one of our greatest concerns.

Whether you have experience or not in the field of wood transformation, whether you are PERSONALIZED and have the DESIRE to learn, we will be happy to welcome you among us. Our conditions and the support we provide will allow you to show us your know-how.

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Respect and attentiveness to employees

Available and attentive management

Warm, friendly atmosphere

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Spontaneous application


Seniority: Since July 2016

What I like at Concept Caskets : I am very fond of the people at Concept Caskets. They are very nice and supportive. There is always something new happening in our department. I like to be in contact with customers, suppliers as well as with all the team, either in the office or the factory.

Management’s comments : Alberto is a very discreet and efficient person, highly graduated and most of all: trilingual!

Seniority: Since June 2012

What I like at Concept Caskets : A small team with personalized tasks according to our expertize, was what I was looking for. Being in the heart of the company as a receptionist along with responding to the requests of everyone is very important to me.

Management’s comments: Audray is not only appreciated by the team but from the clients as well. We know we can constantly rely on her.

Seniority: Since May 2015

What I like at Concept Caskets: There is a great team spirit.

Supervisor’s comments: Naturally very calm, Bertrand is always ready to respond to the requests he receives. He is a multi-task person and is greatly appreciated for this.

Seniority: Since March 2017

What I like at Concept Caskets: From one casket to another, handles are never the same. I certainly appreciate the changes involved every time.

Management or supervisor’s comments: Being new at Concept Caskets, we can already notice Caroline loves her work. She is an exceptional fast learner.

Seniority: Since November 2009

What I like at Concept Caskets: I like the non-routine work in maintenance, new challenges along with the company as a whole. We are very fortunate to have a state of the art automated factory.

Management or supervisor’s comments: Cédrick is a forward-looking person. The production team can always rely on the functioning of the equipment as well as his hard work.

Seniority: Since March 2006

What I like at Concept Caskets: As a warehouse clerk, I must be functional in many tasks, inside as well as outside the plant.

Management or supervisor’s comments: Dany is a meticulous worker, he is detail-oriented. We can blindly trust him in any situations.

Seniority: Since May 2016

What I like at Concept Caskets: A friendly workplace where we can start a career and have trust in our supervisors. Great time and everyone benefits from it.

Management or supervisor’s comments: Emilie’s work in Human Resources is greatly appreciated from all the staff. She is always fair as well as a good listener.

Seniority: Since February 2004

What I like at Concept Caskets: I like the work atmosphere and the pleasure of working with my coworkers.

Management or supervisor’s comments: Gilbert has always had his work at heart, being meticulous in every task he accomplishes.

Seniority: Since 1989

What I like at Concept Caskets : I appreciate working with the team at Concept, composed of trustworthy people who love their job. I spend a lot of time here with my coworkers so, fun I must have, and I certainly do!

Seniority: Since 2004

What I like at Concept Caskets: We are very fortunate in having a factory that is constantly growing, in addition to having a great team. My main motivations: honing, innovation along with technology!

Seniority: Since June 2002

What I like at Concept Caskets: There is no routine is my days and I appreciate the team work.

Management or supervisor’s comments: Lise is very meticulous and always ready to do what is requested of her. Being multi-task has enabled us to benefit from her skills quite a few times in different departments.

Seniority: Since November 2003

What I like at Concept Caskets: We all enjoy working as a team.

Management or supervisor’s comments: Marie is certainly the one having a great sense of humour in our department. We greatly appreciate her meticulous work.

Seniority: Since Juanuary 2006

What I like at Concept Caskets: I like to work with wood and a job well done, knowing there is always more to learn and hone.

Management or supervisor’s comments: Steven is our youngest department manager. He is a natural is managing his team and his work reflects his personality.

Seniority: Since March 1998

What I like at Concept Caskets: Being in charge of the padding, I appreciate management’s trust in my impeccable work in the department. The rotation of work stations, taking initiatives and being resourceful are factors I appreciate in my daily tasks.

Management or supervisor’s comments: She has a keen eye for quality! Suzanne has a lot of respect for her team, making her a well appreciated co-worker along with a reliable team leader.

Seniority: Since August 2001

What I like at Concept Caskets: The fact I am multi-task enables me to perform a variety of tasks in my job.

Management or supervisor’s comments: The whole team appreciates her devotion in all of her tasks. She is an efficient learner, always offering the best of herself.

Seniority: Since 1986

What I like at Concept Caskets: My main priority: innovating! I like to be the reference among the production employees in order to assure an efficient operating factory at all times.

Seniority: Since February 1978

What I like at Concept Caskets: Even after 38 years of loyal services, I have as much motivation I had since the beginning to accomplish my work. Working with wood is a must in my life.

Management or supervisor’s comments: Yvan is the one with the most seniority in the company in terms of years of services. He’s certainly part of the company, always motivated to facilitate his job.